First Time Staying at a B&B

Bed and breakfasts can seem intimidating to those who have never stayed in them before. When you ask a lot of people about why they avoid staying in bed and breakfasts, their answers tend to be very similar. People tend to use reasons like “it feels like I’m intruding in someone’s home” or “I prefer the traditional hotel experience” as reasons to avoid bed and breakfasts.

If you’ve been avoiding bed and breakfasts for these reasons, then you’re truly missing out. Bed and breakfasts are a fantastic option for vacationers. Those who stay in one for the first time often report that they can’t believe they took so long to finally give it a try.

If you’re staying at a bed and breakfast for the first time, here are some things to keep in mind.

santa fe bed & breakfast room

You’re A Welcomed Guest

At a traditional hotel, you’re just one of hundreds of people in the hotel on any given night. To the hotel, you’re not much more than how much you’re paying and how many extra amenities you’re paying for. At a bed and breakfast, you feel more like an individual; a personally welcomed guest who they’ve been expecting. It’s a great feeling.

It’s Quiet. Embrace It.

At a traditional hotel, there always seems to be a hum of noise coming from outside of your room. From people checking in in the lobby to inebriated patrons having loud after-hours parties, hotels are rarely what we’d call “quiet.” At a bed and breakfast in Santa Fe, however, you’ll find a peace and serenity that isn’t found in a traditional hotel. It’s calm, peaceful and quiet. Embrace it.

It’s Not Impersonal. That’s a Good Thing.

Have you ever had a personal conversation with the employee checking you into a major hotel? We’d wager that the answer to that is probably a definite “no.” However, bed and breakfasts eschew the impersonal nature of hotels in favor of relating to their guests like actual human beings. When you’re at a Santa Fe bed and breakfast, odds are that you’re either in someone’s home or you’re in a property that’s been in their family for generations. Hence, the interaction you’ll have with the employees will be far more personal and intimate than the interactions you’d have with a hotel staff. This is a good thing.

breakfast dish

The “Breakfast” Part Is Half The Fun

It’s not called a “bed and breakfast” for nothing. At a traditional hotel, the breakfast offerings are usually the same old boring dried out croissants and cheap coffee. A traditional hotel has to offer breakfast for hundreds of people in a way that is economically efficient.

A Santa Fe B&B, however, is trying to create a memorable experience for a smaller group of people. There’s real heart and soul put into these breakfasts and they end up being half of the appeal.

It’s A Lot More Romantic

There’s a reason that bed and breakfasts are such a popular choice for couples on romantic getaways. A hotel can feel sterile, noisy and impersonal. However, at a quaint inn in Santa Fe, everything feels just a little bit more relaxed, romantic and intimate. It truly is the perfect choice for people who want a memorable and romantic vacation.

If you’ve never stayed in a bed and breakfast before, you’re in for a real treat. After you’re first night, you’ll wonder why you took so long to finally give it a try.