Should I Leave a Tip At a Bed and Breakfast

Tipping is incredibly important in the service industry because it conveys your satisfaction with an establishment along with helping the staff with their income levels. 

Hotels and restaurants are common locations where you automatically tip the service professionals, but bed-and-breakfast properties are often confusing for travelers. 

Take a look at when it’s appropriate to leave a tip at a B&B so that everyone is pleased with your time at the property.

leave a tip at the bed and breakfast

1. Just Like Visiting Friends and Family

When a B&B is a small establishment with the owner providing most of the services, tipping isn’t required. 

Consider the stay as a similar experience to visiting friends or family. You’re being treated as a guest at the B&B. 

In fact, the owner will often create a relationship with you where friendship truly does blossom. When you’re a guest in someone’s house, you don’t tip the head of the household. 

Simply maintain your courtesy with a gracious attitude and neat upkeep of the accommodations. The entire experience at a B&B should feel comfortable and informal.

The best tip you can provide a smaller B&B establishment is to leave a glowing review on specific platforms like TripAdvisor, Facebook, Yelp, etc. Your review can go a long way in helping them attract new guests in the future. 

Similarly, word-of-mouth is still a very trustworthy form of marketing, as recommendations from friends and family go a long way – so go ahead and recommend that particular B&B to someone if they are looking for Santa Fe vacation or accommodation ideas.

2. Be Observant About Housekeeping

Some properties are so large that a single owner can’t possibly keep up with all of the hospitality tasks. As guests at bed and breakfasts in Santa Fe be aware of any housekeeping personnel. 

These cleaning experts may be difficult to spot because they slip into your room when daily adventures take over.

If you have a daily housekeeper, tip the person between $2 and $5 for each day that you’re at the establishment. 

You can tip them every morning or hold the entire tip until the last day. The personalized service for your room should always be returned with a monetary gift of thanks.

Typically you will have the same housekeeping individual tending to your room the entire stay, so don’t worry about accidentally stiffing the personnel if you do tip all on the last day. 

If they work with a housekeeping team that rotates who services the rooms, they will have a system in place to fairly distribute those tips to the team members. 

Another great way to ensure your satisfaction goes a long way is to mention them (by name if possible) to the B&B owner, or even in an online review. 

Highlighting their attentiveness can be a big help for their job security, and can also let other prospective guests know that the facilities are well-maintained and taken care of.

bandb housekeeping

3. Consider Large Establishments and Dining Practices

As you enjoy places to visit Santa Fe, you’ll want to start each day with a hearty meal.

If the establishment’s owner personally serves you, there’s still no tip involved. 

Hired servers, however, should always be tipped in the same manner as a hotel. 

Leave about a 20% tip on the incurred bill. Unless the service was particularly disappointing, most people choose the 20% tip so that the server knows he or she is working well.

Place the tip on the table, and the server will receive the funds without delay. 

One difference you may notice in tipping practices at bed and breakfasts that hire dining servers versus traditional restaurants is that you will not have to pay at the end of your meal at a B&B – those charges will typically be added to your card on file and included in the final bill. 

This means that you should plan ahead and ensure you have cash in hand in order to properly tip if necessary, as you won’t be able to add gratuity on a card.

4. Look out for an Envelope

It’s possible that an inn at Santa Fe and many around the country might be so unique that you’re not sure about tipping procedures.

In this case, you can look for an envelope within your room. B&Bs will often use the envelope as a subtle reminder that tips are appreciated by the staff. 

The envelope will normally be in plain sight, and it can be either blank or printed with the term “gratuities.” 

If you don’t see an envelope, don’t hesitate to ask the staff about the tipping process. They’ll be happy to clarify any concerns.

leaving a tip in an envelope

5. Ask About Guestbook Entries

When gratuities aren’t necessary, you can show your appreciation in other ways. Ask if the establishment has a guestbook.

This old-fashioned custom allows guests to make their marks, such as signing their names and leaving any comments. 

Use the comment section to offer any praise or helpful suggestions. Constructive criticism can help the establishment with future reservations.

With this action, you can tip the B&B with a clever suggestion that pays off in the end.

A unique aspect about B&B’s vs traditional hotels is that you may get well acquainted with the owner and any staff they employ. 

If they exceeded expectations or went out of their way to accommodate you, it’s a great idea to include their name in your guestbook (or online review!) comments.

6. Review the Stay as a Gratuity

As mentioned before, try an alternative way of tipping by reviewing the B&B online. Several review websites allow you to post your opinions about a business. 

Offer a star rating, praise about the amenities and other information that’s valuable to readers.

By posting a positive review, the B&B gains more followers and potential guests. 

If you’re a regular to a specific B&B, continue to review the establishment so that it can gain even more visibility.

Although tipping may not be required, you can pay the B&B through advertising praise that’s even more valuable.

Here are a few of the most important websites to leave a review on for B&B’s in Santa Fe:

  • TripAdvisor
  • Yelp
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Expedia

When writing a review of a bed & breakfast, try to be as descriptive as possible regarding different aspects of your stay: were the accommodations clean and comfortable? 

  • What amenities were included with your room (such as coffee machine, TV, Wifi, etc)?
  • If you ate a delicious meal on the premises, what was offered?
  • What time of year did you stay at the B&B and how was the weather? 

All of these questions are ones many people have when trying to choose a bed and breakfast for their vacation, and your input will be extremely helpful for them.

online reviews

When you’re ready to stay at a classic, Santa Fe NM bed and breakfast, contact the Inn on the Paseo at 855-984-8200. 

Our courteous and passionate staff will be thrilled to take care of you as each beautiful day dawns.

Explore our city and fall in love with it. You’ll want to return every year to our gracious property.