4 Reasons to Stay at an Inn During Your Vacation

When you’re preparing for a vacation or getaway to Santa Fe, New Mexico, consider staying in an Inn rather than the standard hotel.

There are several advantages to staying at an Inn during your vacation like the Inn in Santa Fe.

 If you have ever had a bad hotel experience or just want something different, staying at an Inn can provide you with a pleasant alternative to a typical hotel environment. 

4 reasons to stay at an inn during your vacation

When you want to experience a truly enjoyable and relaxing getaway, here are 4 reasons why you should consider staying at an Inn rather than a hotel during your vacation.

Inns Offer a More Individual Style

Hotels often have a more cookie cutter feel to their rooms. Each room is the same and the exterior of the hotel often looks more like a corporate building, often uninviting and inconvenient.

Inns like Inn on the Paseo are often designed to look more like a home and rooms are often designed around themes, allowing you to choose a room that helps you feel more relaxed. 

By staying in a Santa Fe Bed and Breakfast, you can enjoy a comfortable environment as if you were staying in your home rather than a hotel.

Similarly, you may find that the mattresses and pillows at hotels are purchased in bulk, and not comfortable for everyone.

Rather than bringing your own pillow, or suffering with back pain due to an uncomfortable mattress, choose a bed & breakfast that provides more lush bedding. 

If you have a special request that would make your stay more comfortable, inns are more likely to be able (and willing!) to fulfill that request.

While many hotels also have a lounge area, it can feel stuffy and not personal. Bed & breakfasts typically offer some sort of communal area to hang out in, whether a living area-type room or a porch. 

This can make you feel more relaxed and at home, and can provide lots more opportunity to chat with other travelers and the inn staff as well. 

Inns Offer More Personalized Attention

Innkeepers want your business and are more likely to accommodate special needs than a hotel chain might.

Many inns provide daily breakfasts with full hot meals rather than typical packaged breakfast items for your continental breakfast. 

The inns typically serve breakfast in a cozy dining area, giving you the feeling of being at home. Inns often provide special touches for their guests such as baked goods in the afternoon and have coffee and tea available all day. 

If you wish to have your breakfast in your room that is also an option that is available to provide you with the privacy and accommodations to make your stay even more enjoyable.

While in hotels you may be just another guest, at B&B’s the innkeeper and any staff will know who you are. 

This can make you feel more welcome at your accommodation and less on edge. If you’re traveling alone or visiting Santa Fe for the first time, it is comforting to know that someone is looking out for you. 

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Innkeepers Often Provide Better Recommendations

When you’re looking for some activities and events to enjoy around the area, B&B Innkeepers are often better informed about the best places to visit in their area.

Since they are residents of the community, they’re more in touch with what is going on in their town. 

Hotel employees may or may not be residents of the town and are often not as concerned about providing local information.

They might just refer you to the stand in the lobby with all the flyers advertising different venues. Innkeepers can give you the best insight into a local venue and inside tips.

Similarly, you should always ask innkeepers and their staff about any local secret spots or deals they can share with you.

Oftentimes you will be able to find a diamond in the rough through a recommendation and have a great time doing an activity you wouldn’t have known about otherwise. 

Depending on the type of activity, they may be aware of any deals or specials going on that can help you save money or get more value!

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Inns are Often a More Intimate Environment

Inns like the b&b in Santa Fe have fewer rooms and fewer guests at any time, making the inn a more relaxed atmosphere. Inns often have no more than 20 rooms and a good majority have less than 10 rooms. 

This helps you to be able to enjoy the amenities more and get more personal attention from the innkeepers if there is something extra you might need. 

Inns often provide upgraded linens and toiletries as well as more comfortable bedding, plush furniture and an overall more intimate look and feel.

Staying in a smaller accommodation also helps you to avoid crowds that take over hotels for conferences, parties, sports trips, etc. 

Those events can bring a lot of unwanted noise to the hotel that can severely disrupt your comfort and sleep. B&B’s offer a more relaxed and subdued environment; where a good night’s sleep is a guarantee. 

In addition to having a warm and enjoyable interior, B&B’s will typically have some leisure space outside for you as well.

Some may have pools to lounge in, picnic areas to eat lunch or dinner outdoors, or other ways to spend time outside. 

However, when visiting a hotel, you may notice only a small outdoor area/pool available, which is usually overtaken by people – making it difficult to enjoy.

At a B&B, you will never have to look for a chair to sit in or a space to relax; due to the restriction of the volume of guests, the number of people will be kept at a manageable level.

While hotels are great for some people, they aren’t ideal for those looking for a more intimate and cozy accommodation.

room in Santa Fe B&BStaying at an inn in Santa Fe is a wonderfully personable experience and recommended to all visitors. 

The purpose of your visit doesn’t only need to be for pleasure – people on business trips are encouraged to stay at a B&B for a more restful environment to come home to after a busy day of meetings. 

Regardless of your reason for visiting Santa Fe or any other location, we recommend checking out local Santa Fe bed & breakfasts and give it a shot!