5 Questions to Ask When Checking In to a Bed and Breakfast

You’ve made it! You’re checking in at a lovely bed and breakfast in Santa Fe. You’ve arrived and you’re ready to start your relaxing stay.

The online reviews looked great, and the staff was receptive and helpful when you called to make your reservation. Now you’re ready for a few nights in cozy and comfortable surroundings.

Check-in is a great time to make sure your stay is a memorable experience you’ll look forward to repeating. Remember that bed-and-breakfast operators depend on making sure you have a wonderful time.

We love to help our guests, especially at our inn in Santa Fe. Help us, help you by asking a few basic questions:

What’s Good Around Here?

Yes, they’ve been asked this one before, and that’s a good thing. Our Santa Fe B&B host is certainly aware of the variety of attractions and points of interest around town.

WE might have some general must-see suggestions, or you can get more particular if you just happen to have a great interest in gallery openings or a taste for New Mexico’s famous southwestern cuisine.

A quick conversation can lead you in some interesting directions that don’t show up in guidebooks.

Any Special Events?

B&B’s know a wine reception or a mid-afternoon tea is great guest-pleasers. There might be other events on the grounds of the inn that could prove very amusing.

Let the clerk or concierge know of your interest in everything the B&B has to offer.


What’s Within Walking Distance?

Inn at Santa Fe is blessed with a relatively gentle climate. Rather than wrestling with parking a rental car, you might consider taking a walk.

It’s possible there’s a great little coffee bar, gallery, or shop nearby that would make a wonderful occasion to stretch your legs.

Are Special Menus (Still) Available?

Presumably, if this matters to you, you asked before making your reservation at a Santa Fe B&B. However, last-minute shortages or unexpected events can cause upsets to meal planning.

Ask if the gluten-free or low-salt menu you expected is still on offer. If not, can they suggest alternate ways of accommodating your needs?

What are the Real Hours?

Santa Fe has a wonderful restaurant and bar scene. Hopefully, you’ll be spending at least one evening enjoying the nightlife. This means you might be returning late.

Ask if there are any special precautions to take when re-entering the property at a late hour. Don’t want to wake the neighbors!

Erik Unger

Make Some Memories!

By asking a few basic questions, your stay at a bed and breakfast in Santa Fe should be a delightful break from your everyday routine, and should leave you refreshed and looking forward to a return visit.

Asking just a few questions at check-in can help ensure you have a stay worth remembering for a lifetime.

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