6 More Myths About Staying At A Bed and Breakfast

A bed and breakfast can have a bit of a negative stigma. People will make assumptions about what happens at a B&B and then avoid them based on those assumptions.

Perhaps they or someone that they know had a negative experience. Well, these assumptions will unfortunately prevent people from the relaxation and pleasure of a B&B.

6 more myths about staying at a bed and breakfast

Just as it would be foolish to judge an entree before eating it, it would also be foolish to make assumption about a bed and breakfast before staying in one.

However, you might be a little more compelled by the concept of a B&B if you realize that those myths are not true.

1. B&Bs Are Outrageously Expensive

Just as it would be foolish to judge an entree before eating it, it would also be foolish to make assumptions about a bed and breakfast before staying in one. 

They probably just think of the price of a nice hotel and then add more onto it to account for the luxuries of a B&B.

However, most B&Bs will not cost very much. They are about the same price as one would pay for a night in a hotel.

The difference is that the B&B will actually have a good breakfast and more amenities for a visitor to enjoy.

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2. Bed and Breakfast Are Like Haunted Houses

There are several industries to whom Stephen King owes an apology. Authors and artists tend to sensationalize B&B’s and similar establishments to create a good story.

People might have seen a horror movie in which guests stayed at a haunted bed and breakfast. But if they really did look like haunted houses, people would not stay there.

The truth is that they are designed specifically to make guests feel comfortable.

The reason that people enjoy them so much is that they are as comfortable as their own home.

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3. There Is No Privacy

Privacy is an important amenity. As a result of this myth, people tend to just stay in a hotel rather than at a B&B.

Sharing a room with strangers is simply not an acceptable way for most people to spend their night. Similarly, sharing a bathroom can be equally frustrating (particularly if they do not clean up after themselves).

B&B owners are typically confused about where this myth originated. They emphasize privacy as much as hotels.

Those who stay at a B&B will enjoy a private room and bathroom during their stay.

4. Business Travelers Are Not Welcome

If the traveling entrepreneur wants a new experience for her trip, she might be tempted to visit a B&B.

But the old myth that they do not have enough amenities for business travelers could deter them. The entrepreneur might think of a stale, wireless room with nothing but a bed.

In that environment, it would be impossible to be productive or focus on any work. That may have been true of B&Bs in the 19th century.

But modern B&Bs typically come equipped with free WiFi, an office desk, printer’s, and even specials for business travelers.

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5. B&B Only Serve Breakfast

It is not really enough for a title to be catchy. It has to be both catchy and clear. People take titles too literally and make assumptions based on those titles.

In the case of B&Bs, people have developed this bizarre myth that they only serve breakfast and leave their residents to starve at night.

Bed and breakfast is just a title for many of these inns. B&B’s is not the most marketable acronym.

At a B&B, guests will enjoy delectable, such as baked goods in the afternoon. If you are a person who has a sweet tooth you will not be disappointed by the baked goods found at Inn on the Paseo in Santa Fe NM.

Coffee and tea is available throughout the entire day, plus you are surrounded by lots of delicious restaurants.

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6. B&B Owners and Innkeepers Are Available

Many inns will have the owner or innkeeper available to assist and answer any questions. Not many inns will have help readily available like Inn on the Paseo but they are closer than you think.

Having an owner or innkeeper who can help you with where to go for different activities allow you to really get to know the city but also how to get around.

Those who stay at a Santa Fe Inn are pleasantly surprised that their expectations and assumptions were shattered.

If we are lucky to have you join us at Inn on the Paseo we could even prevent you from ever wanting to go to a hotel again.