Bed & Breakfast Inns at Santa Fe – The Only Way to Fly!

Santa Fe, New Mexico is not only the state’s capital but it also the most popular destination spot in the Land of Enchantment. Located in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, the city’s Pueblo-style architecture, numerous boutiques, Southwest and Native American art galleries and dozens of award-winning restaurants coupled with spectacular vistas combine to make Santa Fe a very popular destination city.

As in any tourist-orientated center, Santa Fe has an abundance of lodging facilities. Hotels, motels, private cabins, RV parks and even camping grounds ring the area. But for a stay that will truly make your visit memorable and let you experience all that the area has to offer, nothing can compare to staying in a bed and breakfast in Santa Fe.

Why stay in a B&B inn at Santa Fe? Here’s a list of a few good reasons:

Included in the stay, of course, a superb breakfast is the hallmark for the reputation of a B&B. Beginning the morning with a gourmet meal sets the day’s agenda for fun and adventure not to mention the desire to return and recommend the B&B to friends.

santa fe bed & breakfast patio

Peaceful, private and quiet surroundings:
B&B’s tend to cater to more exclusive and fewer guests. Couples, rather than families, are the mainstay of their clientele. Although family units are welcome, they are the exception, not the rule. If you’re seeking quiet and privacy, the B&B is the best option.

Personal service:
With only a limited number of guests, B&B owners have the time and the desire to give them more personal attention than could be found in a standard hotel operation. It’s in their interest to make sure you have a good stay. In many cases, that means directing you to attractions and places they know about that fit your personal interests.

Because a B&B has fewer guests than a standard resort hotel or motel, the owners and staff can keep a much better look-out to prevent theft and trouble than standard hotel staffs can.


Experience the local lifestyle:
Unlike hotels and motels, B&B operators are usually local folks who can direct you to the off-beat places where locals hang out so you can experience the community flavor.

Activity packages:
Many bed and breakfast locations offer access to recreational activities in their regular packages that you won’t find in a standard hotel stay. In Santa Fe, the night means a trip to Taos to visit the Pueblo where Native American inhabitants have lived continuously for over a thousand years. For the outdoors minded person, that could mean biking, hiking, golfing and seasonal skiing.

Surprise luxuries:
Being pampered with extra special surprises like fancy bed linens and warm, snugly bathrobes, gourmet food treats, tasty coffee that is locally roasted and a morning newspaper left at your B&B room door are only a few of the perks that B&B’s may like to offer.

Great value.
When you figure in the cost of a gourmet breakfast and the extras amenities B&Bs offer, the cost factor usually proves to be a better value than the lesser priced hotels and motels in the area. When you add in WiFi and phone calls stay becomes a lot better at a B&B, the value looks even better.

Our B&B in Santa Fe offers all of the friendly amenities and services one expects in a bed and breakfast with the bonus of being located at historic Paseo de Peralta. This busy plaza is surrounded by world-class shopping boutiques, art galleries, museums and fine restaurants offering the best in New Mexico cuisine.