December in Santa Fe New Mexico – Experience the Magic!

Chirstmas-Tree-Lighting-on-the-PlazaChristmas in Santa Fe is something very special and many of the events held here focus around the festive season. Nothing slows down in the city in winter – if anything, it gets even busier, particularly with the ski slopes at Ski Santa Fe fully open. With 73 ski runs in total the place is a magnet for winter sports enthusiasts and those that don’t want to hit the slopes can head for the hiking trails that in winter attract the snowshoeing and Nordic skiing crowd. Alternatively you can consider visiting one of the numerous events that take place at this time of the year. How about one of these?

Christmas Eve is a magical time here and a visit to the Santa Fe Plaza on this day will delight the senses. 1000 farolitos can be seen here to give the place a magical feel and you can enjoy locally made cider while listening to Christmas carols. For those who are not familiar with farolitos, they are a very simple style of lantern – a votive candle, some sand and a brown paper bag but when the area is completely lit up with them it has an amazing effect. Dotted around the city on Christmas Eve there are also luminarias – small bonfires where you can stop for a while to warm your hands while strolling around the streets. Both the farolitos and luminarias are traditional in the region.

Make sure if you’re here on Christmas Eve you see Las Posadas – a traditional play based on part of the Nativity story. Start out at the Palace of the Governors and you can follow it as it winds its way through the streets. The Devil makes an appearance and you can relax with cookies and cider when the play finishes in the courtyard of the palace.

Another Christmas Eve event is the Noche Buena – the midnight mass of the Rooster. This is based on a folk tale regarding the animals that were present in the stable when Christ was born. This is held every year in the Basilica Cathedral of Saint Francis of Assisi.

Music is major part of the festive season in Santa Fe so keep an eye open for the listings. With so much going on there is too much to list here but the Santa Fe Concert Association always has plenty to choose from as does the Santa Fe Symphony.

Christmas at the Palace is always a special event. It brings together all the different cultures and traditions that have made their home in Santa Fe and takes place each year at the Palace of the Governors – this year it will be December 12th. Enjoy the music and refreshments as well as the storytelling – and keep an eye open for Santa!

There is no doubt that Christmas is a very special time in Santa Fe and if you get the opportunity to visit at this time of year we would love to see you. Don’t forget to make your reservations at our Santa Fe bed & breakfast in advance as we book up early during the holidays! We look forward to welcoming you!