Experience the Unmatched Customer Service of a Bed & Breakfast

If you enjoy to travel then one of the best things about being in a new city or country is experiencing a home-like atmosphere. That’s why bed and breakfasts provide a better experience than a standard hotels or motels. Because they are much smaller and more intimate, staying at a B&B adds an additional charming element to a vacation.

This is especially true if you’re planning a trip to our delightful city of Santa Fe. As a very cultural and artistic city, having a unique experience is essential to enjoying yourself to the fullest. Unlike a hotel, where brochures are available, a B&B Santa Fe experience involves better advice and more personalized guidance to help you make the most out of your trip.

Part of this is the almost-unmatched level of customer service available at a B&B. Because they are smaller and offer a home-like atmosphere, it’s possible to receive more personalized attention. In addition, many amenities that cost extra at hotels are included at bed and breakfasts for no additional charge. When you factor in that bed & breakfasts are generally cheaper than hotels for rooms of similar size, the value becomes even clearer.

Home Away From Home

From a delicious, home-cooked breakfast that hits the spot better than any free muffin or bagel could to free Wi-Fi, you definitely get more out of your stay at a Santa Fe bed & breakfast. This is due in large part to how small bed & breakfasts are. It is more possible to offer specialized care and service, meaning that guests are much happier because they are better catered to.

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Romantic Getaway

For those who are looking for a romantic weekend getaway, bed & breakfasts often offer special services designed to make the experience unforgettable. From special meals to ambient turn-down services to recommendations for the best couples’ experiences in Santa Fe, your chosen bed & breakfast can help you plan the romantic mini-holiday of your dreams.

Providing A Family-Friendly Vacation

However, this doesn’t mean that families are left out. With all the family-friendly fun to be had in Santa Fe, including fun hiking trails and Wild West themed walking tours, all ages will love the trip. One of my favorite parts of staying at a bed & breakfast is that kids are never bored. There are often activities for them to do, on-site play areas and friendly staff. Of course, it’s best to ask in advance if these amenities are offered!

Even if you aren’t new to the Santa Fe area, planning a staycation at a bed & breakfast is a fun way to see a new side of the city, as well as feel like you’re getting away from it all without having to actually go very far. A B&B Santa Fe experience offers the chance to be catered to with some of the best customer service and amenities available without spending a ton of money or taking a lot of time off.

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If you’re looking for a supremely comfortable, luxurious Santa Fe bed & breakfast, check out all the services and amenities offered at the Inn on the Paseo. We make it our mission to provide the best hospitality throughout the Southwest, whether you’re in town for a couples’ retreat, a family vacation or a solo trip, we have you covered! Before I forget to mention we are pet-friendly. Bring your best friend with you and enjoy a comfortable stay in one of our many luxurious bedrooms.

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