New Mexico Wine Tours – The Best Way to Wine Taste!

newmexicowineriesThere is nothing better when you’re traveling than enjoying local wines and the beautiful region of New Mexico is no exception.  The state has been involved in wine production since the 17th century and there is now a wide variety of wines produced here.  Luckily we have New Mexico Wine Tours on hand to help make the most of every moment and guide visitors around some of the best wineries in the state.

New Mexico Wine Tours are run seven days a week throughout the year and you can join a group tour or a private tour can be arranged for you.  The great news is that tours can be customized so you can plan in advance exactly what you want – great for a special occasion!

However, wine tours are just a small part of the services that we offer.  How would you like to try rafting?  Opt for a tour that takes you on this amazing adventure sport experience and then a wine tasting afterwards to relax.  Or a hot air balloon trip?  Cooking classes in native cuisine are offered as well as scenic tours.  All of these can be combined with wine tasting experiences that you will never forget.

So what can you expect from one of their public wine tours?  A basic public tour takes a day and will take you around either the northern part of the state or the central wine region.  New Mexico Wine Tours has guides that can tell you about the area, local history, significant landmarks and much more.  Every tour is slightly different as they customize even the public tours based on client requests and which events are taking place each day.

Tours of the northern part of the state are perfect for those who want to see something of the countryside.  Anyone who wants to take in the southern part of the state and see wineries in the Albuquerque region will need to book a private tour.

The great thing about the public tours is that you will not find yourself packed on a bus with 60 or 70 other people.  Tour numbers are limited to make sure that each guest gets the most from it so there will be no more than 12 people on each tour.  New Mexico Wine tours will pick you up from wherever you’re staying and will even make sure you have a gourmet lunch as part of this amazing day out.  There will be special offers at some wineries but the tasting fees are not included as part of the trip.  This means that you do not have to feel obliged to take part at all of the wineries if you don’t want to and can pick and choose as you go along.

The New Mexico Wine Tours office is open all day and evening so make sure you give Cindy a call to arrange your perfect tour.  Booking in advance is essential as spaces on tours are taken up very quickly. Inn on the Paseo Guests who book a tour with New Mexico Wine Tours will each receive a complimentary glass of wine, two delicious EK. chuah chocolates and a complimentary cheese and cracker plate.