Santa Fe is for Chocolate Lovers!

chocolate santa fe nmPlanning a trip to Santa Fe?  You may not know this but this is a great city for those who love good chocolate.  In fact, a trip around the various chocolatiers is a great day out.  Beautiful handmade chocolates can be found here, made using a wide variety of unusual ingredients, many of which are produced locally to the city.  Stop thinking that chocolate has to be from Switzerland or Belgium and find out just what New Mexico has to offer to this amazing craft.

Consider calling in at C. G. Higgins Confections on Ninita St.  This is a chocolate store that has won awards for its handmade creations that include chocolate fudge truffles and caramel corns.  Pick up a gift basket or two and enjoy refreshments while you’re there.  This is a great place to relax for an hour or two with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.  There is also a store on Lincoln Avenue if you prefer and that offers the same range of products and the same relaxing ambiance.

Alternatively you could try Kakawa Chocolate House located on East Paseo de Peralta.  Here the specialty is a variety of drinking chocolates and you could find yourself enjoying chocolate blends such as the Pre-Colombian Mesoamerican Mayan Aztec blend, blends that come from 17th century Europe and others that were popular during Colonial American times.  This is a very unusual way to bring history to life!

Senor Murphy Candymaker is another option and there is a factory as well as retail stores.  These handmade chocolates are local specialties.  Regional ingredients are mainly used in the creation of these chocolates so you’ll find that chile and pinon nuts are popular additions.  These chocolates are unique and you will not find anything else like them in the city.

Chocolate Smith claims to offer the best dark chocolate in the world, blended with some of the freshest and local ingredients to create both classic and contemporary chocolates.  Chocolate Smith can be found on Cerrillos Road and is definitely worth a visit while you’re in town.

Another award-winning establishment is the Chocolate Maven on West San Mateo Road.  This is actually a bakery-café that serves fine pastries, quality coffee and a range of snacks.  Cakes are a specialty and the company will ship goods all over the US.  If you are looking for a wedding cake then look no further!

A real chocolate lover could spend a day or two exploring all of these and many other establishments in the city renowned for offering top quality handmade chocolates and other products.  If you love chocolate but are looking for a new take on the art then you have certainly come to the right place