The Best Time of Year to Visit Santa Fe is…NOW!

Late August and early September  – or what we call late summer – is one of the best times to visit Santa Fe.

The weather tends to become more fall like with beautiful crisp days and still warm nights. It is the best time to pursue outdoor walks, hikes, and bike trips throughout the region.

At the Inn on the Paseo, bed & breakfast in Santa Fe, we think this is a great time to plan a longer trip or a weekend getaway. With that in mind, we are offering 20 percent off any two night stay at the Inn from August 18th through September 22nd.

Santa Fe is not just museums and art galleries and historic buildings. It is a real walking city and one of the unique things we love most about it.

In fact, Santa Fe has been recognized as New Mexico’s top city for walkers and was ranked as the 22nd best walking city in the country out of 500 American towns surveyed.

In late summer, we recommend a visit to the Climb to the Cross of the Martyrs. The Cross of the Martyrs, located on a small hill on the 600 block of Paseo de Peralta (just across from the Inn), honors the 21 Franciscan monks that were slain during the Pueblo Revolt.

From the hilltop, you will have a beautiful view of Santa Fe. It’s a great way to get oriented to the city. Find the stairs off Paseo de Peralta, Between Hillside Ave and Otero Street.

Another great walk is along Canyon Road. Canyon Road is a historic pathway into the mountains and an old neighborhood that has become the city’s center for art with the highest concentration of galleries.

But what is really great for walkers and runners is to hit Canyon Road before the galleries open, when you can run or walk up the Road with very little pedestrian traffic.

Two other great walking places include Old Fort Marcy Park and Prince Park Commemorative Walkway.

Be sure and bring your kids along for some of these activities and don’t miss a chance to see the ‘Plaza’ as we call it.

The Santa Fe Plaza is a National Historic Landmark in downtown Santa Fe and is the central gathering place of the city.

Many know it as “the heart of Santa Fe” and it is a convenient few block walk from our bed & breakfast. The Plaza is home to annual events including Fiestas de Santa Fe, the Spanish Market, Indian Market and much more. For more on these events visit our list of upcoming Santa Fe events.

Additionally,  Santa Fe has long been known as a great city for cycling. There are dozens of new miles of bike trails and “bikeways” across the city.

A lesser known but great place to ride within Santa Fe is the Santa Fe Rail Trail. The trail is 18 miles long and although much of the trail offers a flat, if jolty, journey mountain bike enthusiasts and hikers with a love for messy, heart-pumping exercise love the remoteness of the trail.

It’s a rare treat find such an abundance of nature so close to the heart of the city.  For those of you who like a scenic drive, and a listing of other important outdoor and historic sites to visit we have made a few suggestions of our favorite places to visit outside Santa Fe.

If you would like to visit Santa Fe, give us a call and we will help make your stay as comfortable and memorable as possible.

At Inn on the Paseo, southern hospitality awaits you and our location and delicious breakfast are second to none.