Top Ten Things To Do In Santa Fe New Mexico

Located in the Sangre de Cristo foothills, Sante Fe, New Mexico stands out in the state for its Pueblo-style architecture.

The city was founded in 1610 and continues to be a popular tourist destination. With many activities available for all ages and all interests, it wouldn’t be difficult to find something fulfilling to add to your vacation.

If you’re planning a visit to the city, there are a few top activities to add to your itinerary after booking a room at a bed and breakfast in Santa Fe NM.

top ten things to do in Santa Fe New Mexico

1. Visit the Museum of Indian Arts & Culture

The Museum of Indian Arts & Culture is a culturally educational establishment where you’ll find bronze sculptures in front of the building on Museum Hill.

You can learn about the extensive Pueblo culture of New Mexico and the other types of Indian groups that once lived in the local area while staying at a Santa Fe bed and breakfast.

Both past and contemporary artifacts are on display, which includes weavings, clay pots, dolls, weaponry, and metal jewelry.

Indian Art and Culture

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2. Explore The Plaza

Located in the downtown area of Santa Fe, The Plaza is a popular place to shop and enjoy a lazy stroll through the old area of the city.

The location is surrounded by galleries, shops, and an inn at Santa Fe on each side where you can shop for western clothing items or southwestern jewelry pieces.

Everyday modern activity is available in historic buildings, which offers a blend of new and old Santa Fe. You can also find a shady bench to sit on while listening to one of the local musicians play.

3. Attend a Performance at the Santa Fe Opera House

The Santa Fe Opera House offers both old and new renditions of favorite operas with pre-opera tailgating available.

The outdoor opera house is known for its impressive acoustics with world class music that is played.

There are also a few nearby bed and breakfasts in Santa Fe that are in proximity to the location to stay nearby.

4. Hike on Canyon Road

When you want to experience the natural beauty of Sante Fe and are staying in a Santa Fe NM B&B, Canyon Road is a historic walking area where you can spend the afternoon exploring the location.

Canyon Road has large outdoor art pieces that are on display, which include everything from twirling windmills to bronze statues that are each made from artists around the world.

Be sure to keep an eye out on the weather to pack appropriately for your hike. In the summertime it can get very hot, and heat-appropriate clothing is a must to stay cool during your hike.

If you aren’t sure what to expect weather-wise during your trip, call up your Santa Fe B&B host to inquire what they would recommend to pack.

Having the recommendations from a local can be great insight for what to bring for both indoor and outdoor activities.

view of santa fe, new mexico from atalaya mountain


5. Visit the San Miguel Chapel

The San Miguel Chapel is a historic site in the downtown area and is the oldest church in the U.S. Parts of the original structure are still preserved, which features adobe architecture and beautiful artifacts that are on display inside of the building.

Some parts of the structure also date back to the 1600s and are visible in the sanctuary on a viewing floor.

You can visit the San Miguel Chapel during its open visiting hours (before and between Masses) from 10:00am until 4:00pm Monday-Saturday.

Similarly, you can join them for a Latin Mass at 3pm, or an English Mass at 5pm.

San Miguel Chapel


6. Taste Wine at the Estrella Del Norte Vineyard & Tasting Room

Enjoy a wine tasting at the Estrella Del Norte Vineyard & Tasting Room where you can sample a variety of white and red wines.

An average of 14 wines are opened during each tasting with dogs and cats welcome to join if you want to bring a four-legged friend along.

The property offers stunning views of the vineyard. A knowledgeable expert is also present during the tasting to answer questions and explain the process of how each wine is made.

If you require transportation to/from the Vineyard, you can use Uber or Lyft services to safely get you back to your Santa Fe bed & breakfast or other lodging, or you can ask your host for taxi or shuttle recommendations that are available to you.

7. Shop at the Santa Fe Farmers Market

The Santa Fe Farmers Market is the perfect place to pick up fresh produce to take back to your bed and breakfast in Santa Fe NM.

There’s a variety of fresh local options, and the market is moved indoors during the winter season. It’s also a hot spot to find dozens of pepper options that are available in different sizes and colors.

Other types of items that are available include homemade jam, loaves of bread, and local crafts that are handmade.

The largest and most popular Santa Fe Farmers’ Market is open every Saturday year-round from 8am until 1pm (opening 7am June through September), and is a wonderful way to start the weekend by indulging in local Santa Fe produce and culture.

There are also weekday markets to enjoy if you are not available to go on the weekends. Tuesday Market operates from May through November from 8am-1pm, with early opening in June through September, while the Midweek Afternoon Market is open July through September on Wednesday afternoons from 4pm-7pm.

Santa Fe Farmer's Market

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8. Visit the Santa Fe Botanical Garden

The Santa Fe Botanical Garden is a great place to stroll when you want to relax before heading back to your Santa Fe bed and breakfast.

The paths are comfortable to walk, and the garden features an abundance of roses and lavender. Be sure to check out their updated calendar for any special exhibits or events going on during your stay in Santa Fe.

Santa Fe Bontanical Garden

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9. Stop By The Oldest House

After enjoying a hearty breakfast at Santa Fe NM B&B, you can stop by The Oldest House, which is in proximity to the Plaza.

The building is the oldest house that is still standing in the original place where it was constructed. It offers an insight into how homes were originally built with the low ceilings and small rooms.

Architecture and history enthusiasts will definitely want to make this a must-see on their vacation itinerary!

10. Attend the Lensic Performing Arts Center

The Lensic Performing Arts Center that features a stunning interior setting and excellent acoustics. As an old movie theater, it’s a great place to see a performance of the Symphony and the Youth or The Aspen Ballet’s Nutcracker.

It is a cultural experience that inhabits the spirit of Santa Fe while keeping arts and local culture alive and thriving.

If you’re looking for lodging in Santa Fe, consider booking a room at a bed and breakfasts in Santa Fe. The inn at Santa Fe offers many accommodations and can become your home away from home.

Staying in a B&B in the local area can provide you with much-needed recommendations for what to do in Santa Fe, and you are guaranteed an exciting and fulfilling vacation!