What Is Cottagecore?

One of the quirky, yet lovable trends to emerge from the COVID-19 lifestyle has been embracing simple home life. You may not know it, but you could already be a huge fan of the trendy #cottagecore aesthetic.

If homebrewed herbal tea, comfy sweaters, gardening and outdoor picnics sound like a great way to spend a Saturday, you would fit right in!

What is Cottagecore?

Cottagecore Aesthetics

The term “cottagecore” encompasses a variety of aesthetics that represent living a simple and natural life.

Other similar terms like “farmcore,” “grandmacore” and “countrycore” exude the same feel of living off the land, rejecting the digital life, and finding joy in nature.

This mindset most recently exploded in June 2020 among many social media platforms, notably Instagram and TikTok. 

Cottagecore on Instagram

One of the reasons why this has become so popular is because it helps people escape from the all-encompassing digital world, and allows for self-sufficiency and mindfulness.

People have found, especially this year, that this trend lowers stress and provides opportunities for skill-building in areas that they have not been exposed to previously.

A quick search on Pinterest will give you a view into the cottagecore life; but how is this applicable to someone who has no experience in “living the simple life”?

Being involved varies greatly in how much you want to adapt – while some are taking it to the extreme by living on farms full-time or limiting digital exposure, you can dip your toes into the lifestyle with certain activities or even quick vacations – both of which are explained more below:

Affordable Cottagecore Vacations

If your current living situation doesn’t reflect the cottagecore lifestyle, there are plenty of ways to escape to a rural dreamland (at least for the weekend!).

For those stuck in city life, or don’t have easy access to a beautiful field of wildflowers, there are plenty of places around the country to experience your cottagecore dreams.

Bed & Breakfasts

Forget hotels and their cold, modern aesthetic! For a true back to basics adventure, local bed & breakfasts are the way to go.

Many, like the Santa Fe bed & breakfast Inn on the Paseo, offer spacious sitting areas to have a relaxing picnic, provide delicious homemade food, and even accommodate a furry travel companion.

Marrying cottagecore aesthetic with contemporary luxuries, you still receive a private bathroom and fast WiFi – after all, comfort is paramount!

In many bed & breakfasts, the rooms are designed for a particular theme; most of which reflect local history and/or rural life. 

Inn on the Paseo offers plenty of themed bed & breakfast rooms that exude the cottagecore aesthetic, such as the Santa Fe Opera Suite which boasts a private staircase, in-room fireplace, and cozy desk to write handwritten letters or poetry! 

room1 C

Camping Outside

If staying close to home is more your thing, an affordable and easy way to get in touch with nature is creating your own little campsite.

If you have your own backyard, you can easily pitch a tent and camp while still being relatively close by to necessities. 

Similarly, there are plenty of free campsites you can check out if you are on the road.

This is a great way to try out some outdoor cooking, testing your foraging knowledge, or gazing up at the stars!

Road Trips

These days, road trips have boomed in popularity due to their ability to provide a socially distanced, yet still thrilling, vacation. 

One of the most appealing aspects of this type of vacation is that it is truly customizable down to the last detail.

You have free reign to decide where to go and when; a luxury that can have an amazingly restorative effect on those who are prone to stress. 

Many plan their roadtrips by deciding on a destination, and then plugging in POVs along the way. Be sure to queue up a #cottagecore playlist to complete the mood of your drive!

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Low-Cost Cottagecore Activities

Want to dive into the #cottagecore lifestyle, but don’t want to break the bank? There are plenty of short-term and long-term activities and skills you can develop to immerse yourself in. 

Outdoor Picnics

One of the best ways to get in touch with nature is by spending time in it. For many that aren’t necessarily interested in living too simplistic, activities like outdoor picnics are fun and easy to prepare. 

Bonus: If you’re staying at a local bed & breakfast, such as Inn on the Paseo in Santa Fe, they offer a picnic basket add-on you can order as a part of your package to take out with you during your stay!

outdoor picnic
Autumn picnic tea thermos with grapes and peaches. Fruits and Tea on blanket. Outdoor lunch. Picnic with tea in a thermos. A convenient blanket to relax in the woods and Breakfast.

Here are some ideas for what to bring on a cottagecore picnic:

  • A good book or knitting/crochet project
  • A large blanket or pillows to sit on
  • Scissors (to clip any wildflowers you see for a beautiful bouquet!)
  • Charcuterie items (cheese, crackers, fruits, 
  • Wine or fruit-infused seltzer
  • Trash bags (keep nature healthy and dispose of your trash!)
  • Camera (for the non-iPhone crowd, taking pictures with an Instax camera can leave you with cute polaroid pictures to remember your adventures with)

Gardening & Foraging

These activities can be done in your backyard, or anywhere in your travels – having a home garden can be a wonderful addition to homemade dinners (fresh herbs can’t be beat!) while foraging for things like mushrooms and berries in the wild can be a fun activity as well. 

It’s imperative while hunting in forests or fields that you have done plenty of research, or have a great guidebook with you, to ensure you are only ingesting healthy and non-toxic flora. When in doubt, don’t eat it!

bouquet organic aromatic herbs

Starting a home garden is super easy, and can even be done with leftover vegetables and fruit instead of buying already-grown plants!

Things like green onions, lettuce, potatoes can all be sprouted from scraps and are incredibly cost-efficient vs buying full-grown plants at your local outdoor store.

When planning out a home garden, you’ll want to first select a spot – from there, you can determine what produce will thrive the best there based on the sun exposure it receives.

While you may be tempted to plant anything and everything, consider what plant hardiness zone you’re in to see what will give you the most success!  


An extremely helpful skill to have regardless of your lifestyle, sewing, knitting and crocheting have exploded in popularity in recent months. 

Used for a variety of projects, you can simply embroider a pretty design or learn to create wearable outfits for you and your family!

YouTube or even your local sewing shop are great resources for first-timers, and the possibilities are endless once you have the basics down.

thread and sewing image

People of all ages have embraced the cottagecore lifestyle simply because of how it makes you feel; accomplished and stress-free.

Whether you create your own at-home garden, or experience a serene afternoon on a picnic reading a novel, this is certainly a trend that will stick around.

To see how we can help create the perfect cottagecore vacation for you, give Inn on the Paseo a call today!


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