Why Not Stay At A Bed And Breakfast

If you’re looking for a new travel opportunity but want to think outside of the box, consider taking a spouse, traveling with a friend, or relative to a Santa Fe bed & breakfast. This blog post will reveal 10 reasons why you should consider visiting a bed & breakfast for your next vacation.

why not stay at a bed and breakfast

1. Vacationers Who Are History Buffs Can Stay In A Historical House

Many bed & breakfasts have some history within their four walls. These establishments often played an important role in the history of their city or town. Whether the bed & breakfast played a small part in the Revolutionary War in New England or was a Southern antebellum mansion, history buffs can use their bed & breakfast to explore the history of the local area.

2. You Can Get a Great Breakfast

The average hotels are not known for their gourmet breakfasts. One of the great things about bed & breakfasts is that guests can often get a delicious, filling breakfast every morning of their stay. That’s why “breakfast” is in the title! Bed & breakfasts often feed their guests meals that are made with locally sourced ingredients from the town and that can often rival food found at five-star restaurants.

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3. You Can Get Great Amenities

When you stay in the average hotel in the United States, you will probably have to pay extra for amenities like wi-fi, meals, and access to a landline phone. By staying at our b&b in Santa Fe NM, you don’t have to come up with the extra money to live your life while you’re on vacation. Bed & breakfasts in general provide you free wi-fi, communal living spaces, and outdoor recreational areas such as hiking trails and swimming pools.

4. Travel to Scenic Locations

Bed & breakfasts are often located in some of the most scenic locations in Santa Fe and elsewhere. You can travel to a b&b located in the heart of the desert, right next to the beach, or right near the mountains. By booking your vacation at a bed & breakfast, you can immerse yourself in nature.

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5. Book Time In A Wide Variety of B&B Styles

Do you want to vacation in an adobe house in Santa Fe, New Mexico? What about a rustic cottage in Vermont? Bed & breakfasts vary just as much as travelers do, so you will be able to find a b&b that suits your personal tastes without a whole lot of effort.

6. In Close Proximity to Restaurants and Boutiques

While a bed and breakfast in Santa Fe will give you a lot in terms of entertainment, satiety, and comfort, you can also find a lot of enjoyment from going into the adjoining town and sampling what they have to offer. During your stay go into town to see a show, shop at some boutiques, or eat at local restaurants.

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7. Take Advantage of the “Special Touch”

Another great thing is that you will be treated to more than a few “special” touches. These special touches make your stay at a b&b more special. Some examples of special touches include unique dishes found exclusively at your b&b, cozy furniture, and private settings to address any business emergencies.

8. Get Excellent Customer Service Throughout Their Stay

When you stay at most hotels, you only experience customer service at check-in and check-out. At a bed and breakfast, the proprietors work very hard to make your stay pleasant. If you need more bed linens, you’ll get them. If you have food allergies, the proprietors will work around them. At a bed and breakfast, the customer really is right.

9. A Quiet and Relaxing Environment

Bed and breakfasts are often located in quiet and idyllic spots. As a result, vacationers can relax in an environment without beeping car horns, crowds, or long lines at a Starbucks.

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10. Can Deliver a Unique Experience

What was the most special part of your last stay at a hotel? Don’t remember? Most people find that their hotel stays blend together after a while. But bed and breakfasts are not cut from the same cloth. If you want modern furnishings in a home that could be featured in “Architectural Digest”, you can easily find that. If you want a cozy house with wooden furniture and doilies all over the place, you can also find that. Do you want to go on hikes with the rest of the guests? Or would you rather do your own thing? You can find exactly what fits your personal needs.