Why People Love Staying at a Bed and Breakfast

When traveling, you want your place to stay to be as comfortable and affordable as possible. After all, there’s no place like home, but you can find an atmosphere that is as close to home as you can get. When staying at a hotel, you have many visitors in and out all of the time and many rooms to fill. All of the rooms are basically the same and tend to be a bit formal. At a bed and breakfast, there are much fewer rooms, and the rooms are quaint and different. They feel more like you are in your bedroom at home.


Luxurious amenities

Amenities at a bed and breakfast differ greatly from those of a hotel. There is free parking, luxurious linen sheets and towels, and flexible check in and out times. Hotels are more strict on times because their goal is to get the rooms emptied and filled as quickly as possible. As a bed and breakfast we provide you with close travel to many museums, markets and over 200 restaurants. The climate is appealing any time of the year, and this is the last stop for the Santa Fe trail.

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Gourmet breakfast

For breakfast, you will receive a good, home-cooked meal that you won’t get at a hotel. The food is cooked fresh and served the way you like it. If you are worried about being uncomfortable sitting around a table eating with everyone else, never fear. While a bed and breakfast would certainly enjoy you sitting and getting to know everyone, the innkeeper will be happy to make other accommodations for you. You can have breakfast in the privacy of your room, out on the deck of your room, or tables throughout the inn that offer more privacy inside or out. Often, a bed and breakfast will make baked goodies for the afternoon and evening, so you can snack if you so desire.

Warm hospitality

The hospitality at a bed and breakfast does not even compare to hotels. The staff brings you in and gets to know you personally. They treat you with the respect you deserve and will wait on your every need. The misconception that you are under a curfew at a bed and breakfast is bogus. You are family, and you can come and go as you please. The thought of keeping the innkeeper up is outdated as they are generally in another wing or offsite all together. 

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Ideal location and packages

Bed and breakfasts are located close to all amenities but not in the middle of all the hustle and bustle. You can still walk or take a short ride to shopping, dining or mountain trails without the chaos of the big city atmosphere. A Santa Fe bed and breakfast is ideal for those visiting Santa Fe because you have the shopping and nightlife plus you are at the base of the high canyons. Santa Fe is also a photographer’s dream location because of the beauty, serenity and colors that abound. This ancient city is known as the country’s third largest market for artists. For outdoor enthusiasts, there are hiking trails and mountains with hot springs that are open for public use. Santa Fe also offers ski packages with shuttle bus service.


If you are looking to visit this great city, try staying at a b&b and what it has to offer. You will be glad you did because the atmosphere and service is so much like home. Book your reservation today and discover the charm that can only be found at a bed and breakfast.